June 30 – July 9, 2016
From Writer/Director Kristin Clippard

Imagine that three contemporary ladies all fall for the same popular playwright, his poetry winning them over to his charm. What do they do when they realize they are all dating him? An opening night party is where they meet and through a series of revelations, new relationships form and broken hearts begin their recovery. Fever can cause symptoms of anger, confusion and despair, but the illness eventually gives way to a healthy self awareness and hopeful outlook. And laughter is always the best medicine.

“FEVER is a return to writing for me, and it’s on some favorite topics: love, women and Shakespeare’s sonnets. I’ve enjoyed examining the motivators we use in our romantic relationships – how we sometimes lose sight of ourselves when we are caught up in someone else. Humans are so delightfully complex when it comes to romance! There is something in this for every adult who has ever been in love – and a lucky audience member might even get a chance to play the role of the most famous playwright in the world.”

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