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Camp Times are Monday-Friday 9am-3pm instructional, early drop off 8:30am
Shows are on Saturday. All campers will need to bring a packed lunch each day.

3938 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223 Google Map

  • Week 1: June 3-8 “MOTHER GOOSE’S FRACTURED FAIRY TALES” – “Mother Goose’s Fractured Fairy Tales” is a whimsical collection of classic fairy tales with a twist. Mother Goose has grown tired of telling the same old stories and decides she will put her own unique spin on beloved tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Little Red Riding Hood. Complete with plot twists, humorous dialogue we will meet a fashion-forward Cinderella who loses her glass slipper at a trendy shoe sale and a lazy Red Riding Hood that’s attempts to hire the wolf to convince her grandmother the woods are not safe for little girls.
  • Week 2: June 10-15 “JUNGLE BOOK” – “The Jungle Book” is an adventurous play based on Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel. Set in the heart of the Indian jungle, the story follows the journey of Mowgli, a young boy raised by a pack of wolves. As Mowgli navigates the wild and unpredictable jungle, he encounters a variety of creatures and learns life lessons about friendship, loyalty, and the importance of embracing one’s true identity. This play is about the importance of respecting nature, valuing diversity, and finding our place in the world.
  • Week 3: June 17-22 “ALADDIN” – “Aladdin” the play is based on the Arabian Nights tale. The story follows the adventures of Aladdin, a young child who discovers a magical lamp containing a powerful genie. With the help of the genie, Aladdin embarks on a thrilling journey filled with danger, self-discovery as he learns the power of kindness, the importance of honesty, and the value of following your dreams.
  • Week 4: June 24-29 “CINDERELLA” – This isn’t just a story about a Prince and Princess! It’s a tale about the mysteries life! Journey with a crew of mice as they unpack the crazy thing called love, the lyrics of 70’s yacht rock and friendship and discover what can be achieved when we work together for good.
  • Week 5: July 8-13 “”Exploring CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY & THE WORKS OF ROALD DAHL” – Roald Dahl is a children’s book author and illustrator known for his captivating and imaginative work. His stories are filled with colorful illustrations and engaging stories that spark the imagination and perfect for young actors to dive into! Dahl’s work explores themes of friendship, adventure, and self-discovery, creating a magical worlds.
  • Week 6: July 15-20 “LITTLE MERMAID” – An adaptation of the classic fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. When you are a Mer-person you know there is a world above and if you’re Ariel you dream of exploring it. Every action has a reaction, this play explores the importance of friendship, choices, bravery, and staying true to oneself. Dive into a world of imagination and join Ariel on her quest of self-discovery.
  • Week 7: July 22-27 “SNOW WHITE” – Based on the original fable that tells the story of a young person who finds herself in challenging circumstances. In this timeless tale, characters demonstrates resilience, kindness, and resourcefulness as they navigates through a world of diverse characters and enchanting experiences. This inclusive and empowering story encourages children to embrace diversity, appreciate individuality, and foster a sense of community. Join the cast of Snow White on this inspiring journey of self-discovery.
  • Week 8: July 29-Aug 3 “JACK AND THE BEAN STALK” – based on the original 1890’s fable written by Joseph Jacobs. What will young Jack do with a handful of beans? Join Jack as he takes risks, believes in magic and finds himself in a Giant’s world! With bravery and quick thinking, Jack must bring back treasures to his family. This timeless story explores the themes of courage, resourcefulness, and the different ideas we have concerning value.
  • Week 9: Aug 5-10 ADVANCED WORKSHOP “LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW” – (Ages 12-17) An advanced camp selection for ages 12-17, offering a deep dive into character development, acting methodologies, physicality on stage, and the importance of being an ensemble member. This unique adaptation of Washington Irving’s classic tale takes us into the schoolhouse and the surrounding woods, where we join Mr. Crane and his students as they navigate the mystical realm they cannot see and grapple with the influence of Puritan faith in their daily lives. This play incorporates music, providing each student with the opportunity to sing and dance, although it is not required for all roles. Additionally, our curriculum includes teaching body percussion as a creative element. Join us for an immersive experience that combines storytelling, music, and movement in this captivating and educational production.

Fee: $335

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