The Fundamentals of Fairytales: Meet Your Favorite Fairytale Friend and Act Out Their Story with Them

Ages 5-8
Your choice of: 10 – 11am or 11am – 12pm Saturdays
Starting May 30
Join your in-character instructor as Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, Alice, and many other fairytale characters lead your child through the fundamentals of theatre and folklore. Each week, families will be sent the featured fairytale of that Saturday’s lesson with extracurricular content for the family to enjoy throughout the week at their leisure. We encourage all students to pick their favorite character of the week and come to our virtual classroom in-costume. During each session, we will review the story and its characters, as the instructor directs the group through a call-and-response physical and verbal retelling of the story.
Cost 80.00*
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Create Your Own Superhero

Ages 9-12
Your choice of: 10 – 11am or 11am – 12pm; 2 days a week – Mondays and Wednesdays
Starting May 25
Look at your own values, strengths, passions, fears and create your very own superhero. Students will work with their instructor to create a character from their very own minds, discovering their physicality—how they stand, how they move, how they talk—and designing their character’s costume and special tools. Each student will share their superheroes with the class and create a short script of a special moment in their super hero’s life.
Cost 80.00*
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Page to Stage

Ages 12-15
Your choice of: 10 – 11am or 11am – 12pm; 2 days a week – Tuesdays and Thursdays
Starting May 26
As a small group of writers, we will study the elements of storytelling and playwriting. Each session, students will learn about and discuss story structure, conflict, and building characters from scratch as we work towards completing our collectively written one-act play. On the last day of class, we invite friends and family to log-on to our life-streamed performance of our new play.
Cost 80.00*
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